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Laramie County Fairgrounds Master Plan

The Archer Complex is intended to serve as a unique destination for recreational activities, commercial opportunities, and government services. Located ten miles east of Cheyenne, this 875 acre parcel provides an opportunity to facilitate county functions in a convenient, efficient, and sustainable manner.  Among these amenities will be a County Fairgrounds with an exhibit hall, indoor and outdoor arenas, animal barns, camping, and large lawn areas for public events. The Laramie County Fairgrounds Master Plan is intended to serve as a guide for the long-term development of this important community resource.

Chapter 1 – Introduction Letter
Chapter 2 – Design Statement
Chapter 3 – Program
Chapter 4 – Narratives
Chapter 5 – Vicinity Map
Chapter 6 – Overall Master Plan
Chapter 7 – Master Plan Drawings
Chapter 8 – Exhibit Hall Floor Plan
Chapter 9 – Indoor Arena Floor Plan
Chapter 10 – Horse Barn Floor Plan
Chapter 11 – Cattle Barn Floor Plan
Chapter 12 – Sheep Barn Floor Plan
Chapter 13 – Swine Barn Floor Plan
Chapter 14 – Goat Barn Floor Plan
Chapter 15 – Alpaca/Llama Barn Floor Plan
Chapter 16 – Pocket Pets/Small Animals Barn Floor Plan
Chapter 17 – Announcer Building Floor Plan
Chapter 18 – Maintenance/Toilet/Shower Building Floor Plan
Chapter 19 – Look Out Tower Perspective
Chapter 20 – Indoor Arena Perspective
Chapter 21 – Fairgrounds Perspective
Chapter 22 – Announcer Building Perspective